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Jeneen Terrana & J. Marc Bailey

Excited to present a unique opportunity to host two exceptional country music artists, J. Marc Bailey and Jeneen Terrana. Their combined talent offers an unforgettable musical experience with a unique fusion of traditional country roots and contemporary flair.

As we gear up for the Small Town USA Tour 2024, I have the pleasure of offering your venue two distinct and exciting performance options.

Option 1: The Acoustic Duo Show - Intimate and heartfelt, Jeneen and J. Marc blend influences like Kacey Musgraves with the spirit of Chris LeDoux into a night filled with soulful storytelling and rich melodies. This stripped-back performance is perfect for a listening room environment where stories behind the songs shine.

Option 2: The Full Band Country Rock Show - Ready to turn up the volume and energy? The full band setup brings a vibrant country rock concert that caters to a crowd ready to kick it. This high-octane experience combines Jeneen's powerful vocals and J. Marc's dynamic stage presence for an unforgettable live music spectacle. your text here...

Both show formats have received significant acclaim, with strong Nashville roots and national recognition. Whether for a cozy acoustic evening or a lively, amplified event, we can tailor the performance to suit your venue's ambience and your audience's expectations.Please find their EPKs below for more insights on what Jeneen and J. Marc bring to the stage:

J. Marc Bailey EPK:

Jeneen Terrana EPK:

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Cruisin' Country Radio1 day ago
When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
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Cruisin' Country Radio2 days ago
Join me Mondays @ 5:00 pm CST. My next show on May 27th my guest is the amazing Chuck Freeman from Tuff Duck Music.
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Cruisin' Country Radio2 days ago
Thanks for listening to my show tonight Dave Roush Live Mondays @ 5:00 pm CST. If you or someone you think should be on my show please email me at [email protected]
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Cruisin' Country Radio3 days ago

Good morning everyone 🌄 Happy Monday. Get tuned in & start feeling those Warm Vibes!! From Wilson's Tiki Bar We are taking a virtual trip to the islands 🏝 and everyone is welcome to come. Rise and shine 🌞 ☕️ ☕️. Fire up the coffee pot & Join the Fun on RadioA1A Grab a seat on the Beach⛱️. It's time Kick back & relax ⛱️ another 3 hr of the best Music in the 🌎 World. LIVE BROADCAST 🎧 COMING UP FROM The Tropics Of Indiana 🌴🌴 8:30A.M. Who needs an escape? A lil get away?. Do you love 🎶...

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